Well, think back to your childhood and that last day of the school year. Remember that heart-rushing swell of freedom with the whole summer ahead of you? Timeless, endless days to fill however you choose. No demands. Nowhere particular to be.

Your PREMIER sunroom recreates that moment, every day. It’s your haven, delightfully always just steps away. Whether it’s your personal paradise or your family’s retreat, your PREMIER sunroom is a beautiful, secluded environment in which to relax, entertain, soak away stress in a hot tub, exercise – whatever you feel like doing, whenever you feel like doing it.

And whatever activity you select, your PREMIER sunroom makes it that much better by opening nature to you, surrounding you in the scenic, soothing outdoors. At the same time, you’re sheltered from sun, rain, wind and insects.

Plus, a PREMIER sunroom means you’re no longer bound by the calendar. You’ll extend your seasons and enjoy all that you love
about the outdoors, longer and more often during the year.
A PREMIER sunroom makes every day the first day of summer.
A PREMIER sunroom is irresistible to use, recognized for excellence, affordable to own, and fast to install (just a day or two). All backed with a worry-free manufacturer’s warranty for a lifetime of enjoyment.

PREMIER provides a worry-free manufacturer’s warranty giving you maximum protection on your sunroom purchase. We proudly back our quality with a full 20-year warranty that is transferable — a valuable feature should you sell your home.

We ensure that all materials, hardware, roof and wall panels, weather stripping and window functions will perform as expected, or it/they will be replaced or corrected. Our customer service team is dedicated to your satisfaction with prompt, efficient, and respectful attention to your needs.


Grace, sophistication and a unique bay-front design offering breathtaking panoramic views define the Elizabethan. Gentle curves offer fashionable dimension to your home while opening a world of exciting, fresh decorating possibilities. The dramatic upsweep of the roof, with its interior sunburst framing, caps perfection, adding expanded space and beauty.


The Solarium features the gracious curve
of a glass bull’s nose for an entirely unique statement of style. Function is enhanced as well. Plant lovers, needle-pointers and readers will enjoy a brighter sunroom. Romantics will find cuddling under the clouds a special delight with the expanded viewing area.


A style that’s always fashionable. This gracious, formal design includes the exciting architectural element of a vaulted ceiling that lifts the room to spacious heights. Luxuriate in the expanded sense of space. With the unique engineering of this model, you’ll have a beautiful sunroom while creating an affordable custom look.


With its sleek, clean lines, the Classic is a popular selection, complementing any home architecture style. Have some fun with this versatile roof design. It’s particularly adaptable to skylights and paddle fans and, like all of our roof styles, can be covered to match your home’s roof (shingles, tiles, etc.).

Jaunty flair, flooded with light. The split-level roof design of the Contemporary sunroom is singularly unique in style and function. This high-profile elevation adds exciting dimensions to your home… and lifestyle. Its architectural design opens a dramatic, additional avenue for sunlight reception not possible with traditional roof styles.

Stately elegance, classic lines – the crisp, squared-front design of the Windsor is a natural fit with any home style. A room with a versatile personality, here you’ll enjoy a quiet Sunday nap, a festive Saturday night dinner party – and everything in between. The Windsor offers comfort, style and space for the many ways you live.

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