Designed into every Sierra Room is the highest degree of thermal integrity possible, which makes the Sierra Room 200% more energy efficient than their competitors. Most Solarium manufacturers start with well-insulated designs, but then make the mistake of using metal screws or bolts.

Each of these fasteners conduct heat and cold right through the so-called thermally broken frame. Sierra's exclusive nylon clip assembly system is proven thermally broken. These clips enable Sierra to go together faster and with even pressure between frame, gasket, and glass. The thermal break is preserved, and your heating and cooling bills reflect it.
  Years of expertise in glass and aluminum go into the design and manufacture of every Sierra Room. Florian manufactures the finest solariums on the market.

The addition of a Florian Solarium is an investment that adds value to a house or business. Solariums are a refreshing design change that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but which also have a healthful aspect since light fights depression. With unlimited sizes and configurations, Florian is recognized by builders and architects as the innovative leader in architectural glass applications.
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